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Hahnemuhle, made by the German paper manufacturer Hahnemuhle FineArt, Inc. (founded in 1584), is a form of print paper suitable for copperplate and other intaglio applications. A neutralized paper derived from cotton pulp (100%), Hahnemuhle is adequately thick, with a moderately rough surface, but relatively smooth and supple. It boasts pressure resistance to press machines, has excellent absorbency properties, and is ideal for oil-based ink. The paper is deckle-edged on all four sides, with the shield and cockerel mark at the top and “Hahnemuhle” watermark at the bottom. (The side with the watermark in the correct orientation is the front side of the paper.) Hahnemuhle is available in multiple tones. The most common tones are “natural white,” “cream,” and “white.” “Natural white” comes in weights (weight of one sheet of paper per square meter) of 150 g (part number: HA5734), 230 g (HA5760), and 300 g (HA5735, HA5761) in the 1060 X 780 mm size (extra-large). “Cream” (HA5737) comes in one weight of 300 g in the 1060 X 780 mm size (extra-large), and “white” (HA5745) also comes in one weight of 300 g in the 560 X 780 mm size (medium). Do not use a cutter to cut the paper. Instead, turn the paper face down, place a straight-edged ruler along the line that you want to cut, and then tear along the ruler by hand. This provides a natural cut similar to a deckle edge (rough). Hahnemuhle is available for purchase at art supply stores that carry intaglio materials. *The illustrations (photos) are test samples designed to illustrate the characteristics of the paper and provide an example of how artists might use the product for expressive purposes. They are not intended to recommend specific drawing materials for certain purposes (the illustrations may even use some drawing materials considered unsuitable for given applications in order to exhibit their traits).


  • Hahnemühle (300 g; close-up)
  • Examples of strokes on a 300-g sheet of Hahnemühle natural white paper
  • WatermarkWatermark
  • Natural whiteNatural white