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Fabriano Rosaspina

ファブリアーノ ロサスピーナ

Fabriano Rosaspina

Fabriano Rosaspina is a printmaking paper produced by the Fabriano paper mill in Italy, a time-honored paper manufacturer of Europe established in 1283, and is suitable for lithography, copper plate printing and screen printing.

It is an acid-free paper made of high quality cotton (60%) with a finer surface texture than most other printmaking paper, guaranteeing permanence in compliance with the international standard ISO 9706. It comes in two colors, white and ivory, with a thickness of 220g and 285g in basis weight (mass of 1 sheet of paper per square meter) and is only available in 1000mm × 700mm sheets. (In Italy, it is also sold in 500mm × 700mm sheets and in rolls.) The paper has deckle edges on the two long sides and a watermark running parallel to these.

Though the difference between the front and back is difficult to tell, the side with the smoother surface is the front and the slightly rougher side is the back. This can also be checked from the watermark. (The side where the “FABRIANO” watermark reads normally is the front.)

When separating the paper in two, rather than use a cutter, it is best to place a straight edge ruler on the back of the sheet and tear it manually to create an artificial deckle edge.
Fabriano Rosaspina can be purchased at art supply stores.

* The example (photo) is of a test sample to demonstrate the properties of the paper and the possible expressions. It is not a recommendation of any particularly type of material. (Materials that are not generally suitable are also used to demonstrate.)


  • Rosaspina white (close-up)Rosaspina white (close-up)
  • Examples of strokes on Rosaspina white
  • WatermarkWatermark