MAU Art & Design Glossary

Styrofoam Glue



Styrofoam glue is a type of vinyl acetate adhesive. It is used for bonding two pieces of foam polystyrene together or for bonding polystyrene with cloth, wood and paper. Instant adhesives and plastic glue contain solvents that dissolve foam polystyrene. Therefore, check that the glue is labeled “Styrofoam glue” or is a craft glue that can be used on foam polystyrene first. The packaging of all adhesive products indicates what materials they can and cannot be used for.

When bonding two pieces of foam polystyrene, apply the glue evenly over both surfaces and leave them as they are for around 10 minutes before sticking them together. When using adhesives, grease and moisture should be removed from the surface in advance so that the adhesive power can be exerted to the full. Styrofoam glue can be purchased at home centers and art supply stores.