MAU Art & Design Glossary

Slip Sheet



A slip sheet is a thin piece of paper slipped between print and water color art pieces done on paper for protection when storing them.

With paper, mold and oxidation can cause yellowing and deterioration. Ink and color materials on the surface of the artwork may also be damaged by ultraviolet rays and other external physical effects. Slip sheets are placed on top of, and in between, works during storage to protect them from this type of damage.

Generally, acid-free tissue paper, calendared paper or glassine (wax paper) is often used for this purpose, but it is best to use special protective paper such as SIL Tissue and Pure Guard (Tokushu Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd.) if the artwork must be stored over a long period.

The front side of the slip sheet has a slightly glossy and smooth surface. When storing artwork, the slip sheet should be placed over the work with the rougher back surface facing the drawing. This is repeated each time another work is placed on top. It is important to select a well-ventilated area away from heat and moisture for storage.
Slip sheets can be purchased at art supply stores.

* The example (photo) is of a test sample to demonstrate the properties of the paper and the possible expressions. It is not a recommendation of any particularly type of material. (Materials that are not generally suitable are also used to demonstrate.)


  • Slip sheet (enlarged photo of rolled paper)Slip sheet (enlarged photo of rolled paper)
  • Examples of drawings on a slip sheet (rolled paper)
  • Slip sheets are placed between works to protect them.Slip sheets are placed between works to protect them.