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Muse Cotton


Muse Cotton

Muse Cotton (official name: OK Muse Cotton) is a paper textured in a distinct stripe pattern that is available in a rich variety of colors and produced by Oji Paper Co., Ltd of Japan. It is used in a wide range of applications ranging from packaging, paper craft and displays to drawing in pastels, colored pencils and watercolors.

Muse Cotton is made of 100% wood pulp and the texture is relatively soft. It is supplied in a total of 131 colors (thin or thick type only) and the colors are mainly produced by dyeing. The common types sold are either thin (0.17mm) or thick (0.22mm), but extra thin (0.13mm) and extra thick (0.31mm) types are also available. It is mainly sold in shiroku size (1091mm × 788mm) sheets, but the lineup also includes sketch books, pads and illustration boards, as well as pads containing 22 popular colors. As a sister product of Muse Cotton, Oji Paper also sells a line of paper called Muse Raffine C in a total of 10 colors produced using pearl pigments. The front side of the paper is textured with a regular stripe pattern but the back is flat and smooth.

Muse Cotton can be purchased at art supply stores.

* The example (photo) is of a test sample to demonstrate the properties of the paper and the possible expressions. It is not a recommendation of any particularly type of material. (Materials that are not generally suitable are also used to demonstrate.)


  • Muse Cotton (enlarged photo)Muse Cotton (enlarged photo)
  • Example muse cotton drawing
  • Color variation: 131 (Image of 14-color Rainbow Set)Color variation: 131 (Image of 14-color Rainbow Set)