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Kent Paper



Kent paper is paper that derives its name from the Kent region in England. In most cases it is made entirely from chemical pulp. It is very smooth, has a moderate amount of elasticity and thickness, and is well-suited for many drawing materials and writing instruments, including pencils, pens, and water-soluble paints. Finally, use of an eraser produces little scuffing. However, because it will expand and contract depending on water content, when using materials such as water-soluble paints, it is best to stretch the paper before use. Also, it is difficult to distinguish the front face of Kent paper from the back; the side that feels slightly smoother to the touch is the front face.

Kent paper has a wide range of uses. It can be used for two-dimensional work such as drafting, architectural perspectives, and graphic design illustrations, as well as three-dimensional projects such as models. Colored Kent paper can also be used for displays and package design.

Kent paper comes in multiple forms of varying size and thickness (the weight of one meter squared of paper). KMK Kent (sizes: duodecimo, 625mm x 880mm, and in rolls of 10-30 meters; weights: 150g, 200g, 250g) paper is a neutral paper that works well with drafting ink and is frequently used for drafting and architectural perspectives. Baron Kent (size: duodecimo; weights: 150g, 200g, 250g) paper is also regularly used for printing paper. BB Kent (size: 765mm × 1085mm; weight: 175g) paper is a neutral paper that comes in both fine and coarse weave, is made from cotton, and whose surface possess a certain degree of hardness. Because ink does not bleed much on this paper, it can be used for intricate drawings. White Peach Kent (size: duodecimo; weights: 150g, 200g, 250g) paper is a neutral paper that is relatively inexpensive, and widely used as practice paper for drawings and designs. There are also types in which the whiteness has been reduced, and those which are cream in color, in order to reduce eye fatigue. It can be purchased in postcard size and in pad form (in which sheets are connected to one another with glue on one end of the paper.) Kent paper is available at art supply stores.

* The example drawing (photo) is a test sample designed to display the characteristics of the paper and its potential uses; it should not be taken as recommending the use of any particular drawing materials. (Some unconventional materials have been used.)


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