MAU Art & Design Glossary

Image Size


Image Size

Image size is the dimensions of an image left on paper (medium) by a plate in block print works and the size is expressed in length x width.

Block prints are accomplished by printing on paper or some other medium. The medium for many block prints contains the image and a margin with the artist’s signature, edition, title and other annotations. Therefore, when creating a block print, it is important to consider a balance between the size of the image to be displayed and the size of the margin to achieve the maximum effect of the image on viewers. An exception to this is the method known as “surikiri (edgeless)” in which the print is the same size as the paper and there are no margins. The dimensions of the full sheet of paper which bears the block print is called sheet size and when creating an edgeless, the image size and sheet size will be the same dimensions. When the size of a block print needs to be marked on an exhibition or portfolio, etc., it is common practice to use the image size but some also note both sizes.



  • The image size of a printThe image size of a print
  • The image size of a surikiri (edgeless) workThe image size of a surikiri (edgeless) work