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Canson Mi-Teintes

キャンソン ミ・タント

Canson Mi-Teintes

Mi-Teintes is a line of paper produced by the French paper manufacturer, Canson, in an extensive range of colors. It is mainly used for pastels and watercolors, drafting and designs, architectural perspective drawings, and paper crafts.

It is an acid-free paper (with the sole exception of black) made of wood pulp and cotton (60%), and colored with dyes and pigments.
The paper is vellum textured in honeycomb shapes on the surface and is durable and resistant to moisture. Due to these properties, it is suitable for not only watercolors and pastels, but also Conte crayons, pen ink and markers, and can be used as ink jet printer paper too. It has an appropriate thickness of 160g in basis weight (mass of 1 sheet of paper per square meter). The A4 size is available in 32 colors, half-cut (550×750mm) and postcard sizes in 50 colors, the 12×12 inch size in 25 colors, and the G/E size in 5 colors. The white types, which are often used as drawing paper, are also sold as sketchbooks, pads, illustration boards and rolls (1520mm×10m).

The side with the more discernible texture is the front, but this can also be checked from the watermark. (The side where the “MI-TEINTES CANSON” watermark reads normally is the front.)
Canson Mi-Teintes can be purchased at art supply stores.

* The example (photo) is of a test sample to demonstrate the properties of the paper and the possible expressions. It is not a recommendation of any particular type of material. (Materials that are not generally suitable are also used to demonstrate.)


  • Color variations: Total of 32 colors (A4)Color variations: Total of 32 colors (A4)
  • Canson Mi-Teintes (close-up)Canson Mi-Teintes (close-up)
  • Examples of strokes on Canson Mi-Teintes paper
  • WatermarkWatermark